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        The moment two humans lay eyes on each other has incredible. The first sight of you is a brilliant holograph. It burns its way into your new acquaintance's eyes and can stay printed in his or her memory forever.
        Artists are something able to capture this quicksilver, short emotional response. I have a friend, Robert Grossman, an accomplished artist who draws regularly for Forbes, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone and other popular publications. Robert has a unique gift for capturing not only the physical appearance of his subjects, but zeroing in on the essence of their personalities. The bodies and souls of hundreds of figures radiate from his sketch pad (素描). One glance at his pictures of famous people, you can see, for instance, the insecure of arrogance of Madonna, the boyishness of Clinton, the awkwardness of George Bush.
        Something at a party, Robert will do a quick sketch on a cocktail napkin of a guest. When he's finished drawing, he puts his pen down and hands a napkin to the guest. Often a puzzled look comes over the subject's face. He or she usually mumbles some politeness like, “well, er, that is great. But it really is not me.” The crowd's convincing echo of “Oh yes it is!” drowns down the subject, who is left to stare back at the world's view of himself of herself in the napkin. Once I asked Robert how he could capture people's personalities so well. He said ,”It is simple. I just look at them.” Almost every side of people's personalities is evident from their appearance, their gesture, the way they move.
        First impressions are incredible. Because in our fast-paced information-overload world, multiple stimuli bombard us every second, people's heads are spinning. They must form quick judgments to make sense of the world and get on with what they have to do. Whenever people meet you, they take an instant mental snapshot. That image of you becomes the data that they deal with for a long time.

        問題:Why does the author say that Robert has a unique gift?
        A.He can draw the subject carefully
        B.He can memorize the names of people instantly
        C.He can illustrate the subject's characteristic
        D.He can communicate with famous people effectively

        【精析】C 第二段第三句與第四句,有一描述,“the essence of their personality”。本題 C 選項中的 characteristics 就同義替換了 personality。

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