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        Learning how to use a computer and learning how to program one are two distinct activities. A case might be made that the competent citizens of tomorrow should free themselves from their fear of computers. But this is quite different from saying that all ought to know how to program one. Leave that to people who havechosen programming as a career. While programming can be lots of fun, and while our society needs some people who are experts at it, the same is true of auto repair and violin-making.  There is no denying that students should learn something about how computers work, just as we expect them at least to understand that the internal-combustion engine(內燃機)has something to do with burning fuel, expanding gases and pistons (活塞)being driven. For people should have some basic idea of how the things that they use do what they do. Further, students might be helped by a course that considers the computer’s impact on society. But that is not what is meant by computer literacy. For computer literacy is not a formof literacy (讀寫能力);it is a trade skill that should not be taught as a liberal art.
        Learning how to use a computer is not that difficult, and it gets easier all the time as programs become more “user-friendly”. Let us assume that in the future everyone is going to have to know how to use a computer to be a competent citizen. What does the phrase learning to use a computer mean? It sounds like “learning to drive a car", that is, it sounds as if there is some set of definite skills that, once acquired,enable one to use a computer.
        In fact, "learning to use a computer" is much more like “learning to play a game”,but learning the rulesof one game may not help you play a second game, whose rules may not be the same. There is no such a thingas teaching someone how to use a computer. One can only teach people to use this or that program and generally that is easily accomplished.

        Choose correct answers to the question:
        To be the competent citizens of tomorrow, people should _______.
        A. try to lay a solid foundation in computer science
        B. be aware of how the things that they use do what they do
        C. learn to use a computer by acquiring a certain set of skills
        D. understand that programming a computer is more essential than repairing a car

        答案:[C] 推理判斷題。第2段提到未來有能力的人應該從恐懼中解脫出來,第3段則提到學習計算機則就像是“學開車”一樣,只要掌握某套技能即可,故可知有能力的人只需要通過掌握技能學習計算機即可,而不必學習編程,故C正確。



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