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PHP & Android Skill Development Program

Date : 02-10-2020 - 25-10-2020

Live Project and Skill based program on PHP and Android. Complete Knowledge on Web and Application Development and hosting.

Details :-


Better to Have :
Basic of HTML tags, PHP, MySQL, Query, Javascript and Java.
Knowledge of OOPs.
Knowledge to use Conditional Statements and Looping Structures

About Program :
PHP Web Development :- HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, AJAX, PDO, API's, Laravel Framework basics and atleast one Project Work in PHP.

Android Application Development :- Java, XML, Android Developments Tool Kits, SDKs, SQLite, and other development structures with ateast one Project Work in Android.

Additionally, sessions on server and client, about hosting both app and web,
Introduction to Laravel Framework and basics, Introduction to Flutter or React Native.

Time Period :
4-5 Months including 2 project developments in PHP and Android

Education :
Bachelor's degree appeared(Preferred)